Celebration Videos

Still pictures captured from our video of a First Holy Communion service

Whether it’s a naming or affirmation (Christening, Confirmation or equivalent) service video, birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, work or any other celebration, RoBeBo will capture the event on a professionally produced video film for you to watch time and time again and remember that special occasion.

For schools, churches and similar bodies we are happy to take video copy orders from the organisation on behalf of parents or congregation (* see note below).

Office party - still pictures captured for one of our corporate clients.

We’ll capture all those special moments and the atmosphere of your event for you, and your family and friends, to enjoy.

You can even select a range of formats to suit family and friends and we can also produce a shorter version of the highlights, which is increasingly popular as a thank-you gift.

To book or request more information please contact us.

* Please note - we do not sell videos containing images of children's activities other than directly to the parent/guardian or through a school, church or similar recognised body.

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