Evidential Videos

At a time of increasing crime rates RoBeBo can digitally photograph or video your valued possessions. Something that many of our clients have undertaken to ensure they have evidence in the unfortunate event of a burglary.

We will provide you with video footage and/or still images for you to store securely.

The video or still images will show general views of rooms showing the position of the insured articles, as well as detailed close ups of your selected items. Serial numbers and any distinctive markings will be recorded.

We strongly recommend that you mark valuables with your postcode and house number using a permanent ultra-violet pen beforehand in accordance with police crime prevention recommendations. We will film any UV markings so that the police can more easily identify recovered items.

For security reasons we do not retain any record of film footage or still images and filming of this nature is strictly confidential.

Should you require this service or alternative evidence filming please contact us to discuss your requirements.