Our privacy policy is very simple - we don’t pass your details on to anyone without your prior permission. We will ask if we may discuss your event with other key personnel, e.g. your vicar. We also ask that we can use some of your pictures to show to other prospective clients and to put on this web site but we don’t uniquely identify you.

Your email, phone number, address and other personal details are safe.


Our web sites do not directly set or use cookies.

If you choose to view a video then a cookie may be stored on your machine by the third-party viewer provider to allow you to set your viewing preferences. We understand no personal data is collected. By navigating to a page which shows a video you are giving your implied consent for the setting of such cookies.

If you came to us from a search engine or similar site, e.g. one of the many wedding directories, then it is possible that they have set a cookie but that is outside our control or knowledge. We regret it is impossible for us to keep track of every new wedding directory - there are new ones starting up every day. In any event, any cookie will probably have been set by them before you even reached here.

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